First live Bitcoin Multi Sig implementation – Already processed hundreds of Multi Sig TX’s!!


We have built what we believe to be the first Multi Sig Bitcoin implementation. We are an online marketplace that was built to enable almost completely trust less transactions with Bitcoins amazing Multi Signature Wallet feature.

We have created an Electrum plugin that makes it easy for vendors to bulk create the required public keys, sign and broadcast finalized transactions and also for customers to claim refunds with the click of a button.

Our system allows product vendors to upload a bulk amount of public keys which are used along side a TMP key and a key from the customer. If a user finalizes, we sign a transaction enabling the vendor to withdraw funds from the escrow wallet. If there is a dispute, we create a multi output tx that disburses the funds in the wallet to the appropriate parties.

Our system is built on the amazingly powerful raw transaction API and we are very strong believers in what Bitcoin can do for the the world.

We have been live for over 2 months and processed hundreds of Multi Sig transactions. We take a 4% commission each time we sign a finalized transaction, acting like a real 21st century middle man. Vendors and Customers may finalize outside of our system if we are unavailable or to circumvent our fee.

We believe that Multi Sig is the future of online wallets as it enables customers to have the convenience of online wallets and the confidence of offline wallets. If the leading online drug marketplace can make it work, why can’t the leading BTC exchanges?

Even if you are not interested in purchasing illegal products with BTC, we believe the community at large will appreciate the extensive push we are making in Multi Signature wallets and the tools that we are creating to help simplify the process for both buyers and sellers.

We recommend you view our sub if you are interested in learning more:


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