December 2013 XMAS Freebie #3 Mastercoin Reward

Merry Christmas! As our 3rd and final Christmas 2013 Freebie, we are happy to share with you a new cryptocurrency called Mastercoin. Mastercoin is a alt-coin / alternative cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, but its designed to be built on top of Bitcoin adding extra security and features not found in the traditional Bitcoin protocol. Currently,… Read More December 2013 XMAS Freebie #3 Mastercoin Reward

DECEMBER 2013 XMAS FREEBIE #2: Bitcoin Price Alert App on iTunes

Merry Christmas! Happy to share this 2nd Xmas Freebie with you from JMG on The Bitcoin Price Alert App Available for Free on iTunes: Currently the general conditions are:Last PriceLast Volume24 Hour Volume Currently supported security exchanges are:Havelock InvestmentsBTCT.Co (Down)MtGoxMCXNOWBTC-EBitstamp Coming Soon:796.comCryptostocks Other exchanges that have an API will be added soon.